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freetobook heartIf you love something, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone about it? Thanks to all the great feedback we receive, we already know that our thousands of Freetobook customers all over the world are amazed by the great stuff our technology empowers them to do. Now you can easily share your enthusiasm for Freetobook.

When you log into your Freetobook profile you’ll see this new button at the top of every page:




Clicking on it will allow you to:

  • send a message via Twitter
  • post on Facebook
  • send an email

You can either send a pre-written declaration of love for Freetobook (e.g. “We love using freetobook it’s simple free and easy, get yours at”) or delete our version and write your own.

Use freetobook to email your phone bookings with BCC option now added

email_sean_macentee.jpgOnce you have set up on freetobook, it’s easy to email a confirmation to your customer showing all their booking details in a professional, neat and simple layout.

You take a phone booking then enter their booking into your diary. A couple of clicks later you have emailed them their confirmation. To them it will look great: from phone call to email confirmation in a matter of minutes. Wow that’s service! Fast, friendly and accurate (just like a big posh chain.) Can you hear your guests being impressed?

As if that wasn’t enough, it saves you time, eliminates errors and keeps your confirmations in one place. Oh and don’t forget you can fish out all your customer details at any time, export them to Excel and add them to a mailing list. For the many properties already using this great function you will notice we have added a BCC tag, so you can copy yourself in on any email you send to a customer.