Airbnb fully connected

Professional accommodation businesses welcome on Airbnb!

Airbnb API connection

Airbnb’s changed from its early days. It’s worth reflecting on how these changes could attract new customers for you.

Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels, Glampsites and professional B&Bs are welcome onto the Airbnb platform along with Cottages and other self catering accommodation. Its safe to say that Airbnb has changed to open up their listings and provide more choice for their customers.

You will attract a different type of guest on Airbnb typically they will be younger and booking closer to arrival;

  • About 40% of guests that book on Airbnb are aged between 25-34 years, this is quite a bit younger than typical bookers from other sources.
  • Last minute bookings are a big thing on Airbnb with about 40% of bookings being made fewer than 15 days before arrival. A great way to fill some gaps.

Don’t forget business people also form a significant part of Airbnb’s customer base. Airbnb is quite an attractive site for a number of business travellers looking for the sort of experience only independently run businesses can provide. These are more likely to be new customers that might not find you if it wasn’t for Airbnb.

Many of you are already aware that freetobook and Airbnb are now connected for updating rates, bookings and availability so you don’t need to worry about double bookings or double entry.

Like all of the services we offer the Airbnb connection is optional, you can find out more about how to connect from your Tab “Plus”, select the “Airbnb” section.

If you are not yet with freetobook then find out what makes us different – see our 7 pledges, born from our 21 years in the accommodation booking business.

Airbnb Channel Manager connection – Summer launch

A full two-way Airbnb Channel Manager connection is being developed for freetobook customers. Airbnb will soon join the many other channels available on freetobook including Bookingcom, Expedia, Hotelscom, TripAdvisor, Agoda, Hostelworld and many more.

Over the last few years we have watched Airbnb grow. Many freetobook customers are already using Airbnb and more would probably like to.

This month we started a full integration for a two-way channel manager exchange so that bookings, rates and conditions on your Airbnb account can be managed from within freetobook.

We expect to be ready with the Airbnb integration within two months so if you are interested in connecting keep an eye on our emails and sign up for a listing if you don’t have an Airbnb account.

Recent releases

New group booking process is live. When you go to add manual bookings in your freetobook diary you will find a slick new process to add bookings for any number of units making it quick and easy to add single unit or group booking.


Mobile app for Apple and Android will notify you of new bookings, modifications and cancellations. While the mobile app is very simple (it’s a first release) it’s perfect if all you want is to get booking alerts on your smart phone.

Other developments 

We also have a fabulous automated messaging system in the development queue for release in the next few months. The new messaging system will enhance your ability to communicate with your guests and save you invaluable time with automated messages.