Freetobook Blog:

All hail the bed and breakfast, guest house, small independent hotel… We’re here to tirelessly champion all that is good in our industry and defend it vigorously against the forces that want to drain its vitality. Let’s celebrate and make sustainable everything that helps the world of independent accommodation to be varied, fun, interesting and profitable.

We will do two things….talk, and help you generate sales.

1)      Talk: listen, chat, share, laugh and inform.

Freetobook’s blog is a place to share ideas, join forces, learn new things, find strength in numbers and have a little fun along the way. It’s not a forum for whingeing but somewhere to find solutions and provide answers to challenges and issues.

2)      Generate Sales: sustainability requires bookings.

As an experienced accommodation owner, you already know that for variety to survive it requires sustenance and that means profitable sales with more heads on beds. Adapting to the ever-changing internet policies, modern technologies and social media channels presents major opportunities for the industry. Together we can grasp these technologies and make them work to sustain independent accommodation, sharing this information on our blog with you.

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