Stripe with ApplePay and GooglePay

Stripe on freetobook is now upgraded to include ApplePay and GooglePay

ApplePay and GooglePay

ApplePay and GooglePay are so convenient for customers, they simply pay using their fingerprint on their smartphone. Freetobook has been busy working to integrate the new functionality so your customers can now pay with ultimate ease.

This fantastic functionality makes it easier for customers to book so you get more direct bookings. “Paying for a booking is now as easy as paying for a cup of coffee” said Ele at the office..

There is no extra cost, the card transaction charges are the same low cost as they always are with Stripe and we have implemented this with no extra costs.

  1. When customers book online, we detect if their mobile device has ApplePay or GooglePay enabled and offer them an option to pay that way.
  2. If you send a payment request by email and they receive it on their phone with GooglePay or ApplePay they can simply pay with a single click.
ApplePay GooglePay Stripe Freetobook

There are no extra costs whatsoever so we have automatically enabled it for all customers already using Stripe.

This adds further brilliant functionality to the Stripe product on freetobook. It already has over 90% approval rating with freetobook users, just as a reminder these are the 5 reasons to use Stripe for card payments.

  1. Quick and easy to setup
  2. Low cost
  3. No monthly charges
  4. Secure and PCI compliant
  5. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ApplePay and GooglePay
  6. All cards including channel cards from Booking.con and Expedia

Coming Soon: Upgrades in the pipeline include pre-auth functionality so you can automatically pre-auth a card to make sure the customer has the funds to cover their booking before they arrive.

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8 thoughts on “Stripe with ApplePay and GooglePay

  1. Glad to see on point number 6 that you refer to that horrible booking channel as .CON that’s a thumbs up from me.

    1. It amused me when I noticed that and realised it was not only the accommodation owners
      that refer to them by that name!

  2. Love our Stripe integration with free to book, out front desk would be so much the poorer without it makes light work of many tasks, Pre-Authorisation is something we have long being waiting for, many use pre pay cards for internet transactions & while valid cards can be lacking funds if penalties need collecting.

    Well done guys products go from strenght to strenght.

    1. I think Stripe will get a terminal, in the meantime we will add Stripe payments to our smart messaging system so you could message a payment request directly to a guests smart phone and they can pay securely on their own phone – job done no need for a terminal 🙂

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