Hotel BonanzaHotel Bonanza is a new Online Travel Agent (OTA) with a strategy of offering a lower commission for accommodation owners and a discount to guests. They have set their commission at 8% so you will find them considerably cheaper than the current dominant OTAs.

Freetobook is a family run company so our loyalty is firmly with our customers, we hear time and time again that properties need to reduce commission charges. We understand this need and will continue to support companies like Hotel Bonanza that offer a lower cost alternative.

If you already have a Hotel Bonanza account fully setup and are a freetobook customer all you need to do is request a connection in the Tab “Plus” where you can add a channel.

For those of you who are not yet freetobook customers you can find out about all the advantages of switching to freetobook

Find out more about Hotel Bonanza and their story visit their website, join up if you like it click here

Before next summer freetobook will have a connection for Google Hotel Ads which will give you access to Google’s direct booking channels at 10% which will also be a welcome reduction for many of you.

Freetobook, the fiercely independent family company you can rely on.

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11 thoughts on “Hotel Bonanza 8 percent

  1. You continue to offer a first class service. With Bonanza and Google under your wing, perhaps may finally become less greedy. Unlikely, but please keep trying. Your friendly voice at the end of a phone has saved me from insanity several times. Completely the opposite of a call to where call centres all over the world are unhelpful and frustrating. Thanks a bundle!

  2. At last, why an alternative to the monoply has not happened before free to books, “Hotel Bonanza” site is mystery to me. I would like to sign up as soon as you are on Google for B&B in Skegness. I have to pay £1500 in fees just for August! This is from 1st August to 31st August. With your fees at 10% I would save a wopping £500 in August alone over the greedy fees!

  3. Yay I love you FTB .. been a fan from the beginning and a customer almost as long! The industry is going down the tubes with the big OTAs being so dominant. So glad to hear here there are those fighting back and FTB is supporting them. Keep up the good work chaps!! Will defo be signing up for one or both!

  4. We have been with FTB for many years now and have nothing but thanks to them from the start. Very helpful and understanding people when you have a problem or concern, which I have had many a time being more elderly than middle aged!
    This year went with 2 OTAs to increase bookings. Have no regrets about this experience but at 15% commission and the other at 17% it soon became clear that for our very small B&B this is not the answer. During our closed winter months we will be looking at signing-up for Bonanza and maybe Google Ads as well at 8% and 10% respectfully, this will save raising our rates higher to meet the higher costs of electric etc.

  5. If it works I will just put our smallest least popular rooms at quiet times on if we could say this at the same time commission will start to fall.

  6. We are also on the elderly side and find the pace of sometimes overwhelming. We will contemplate over the winter months changing to Bonanza. Google Ads looks tempting too.

  7. Looking forward to Bonanza and with Freetobook trying to end the stranglehold of who are becoming insufferable and invasive in trying to run your business and pushing the cost of travel up with their greedy 15%. Only hope that Bonanza can achieve the Google presence to challenge

  8. Been with hotel Bonanza since its start in this country but have yet to get a booking, can anyone tell me where their booking site is? as I cannot find it anywhere and so are unable to direct guests to the site.

    1. Yes I think we are still waiting on news for their big launch. You are best to ask them, we all hope its soon.

  9. I have just tried to register with Hotel Bonanza – and have got as far as the ‘room types’ tab … but all the options appear only in Spanish. I have sent Hotel Bonanza an e-mail but have had no reply. All seems a bit amateurish to me.

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