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Here at freetobook we are continually looking to make it easier for small independent accommodation owners to thrive. One message we hear again and again is that the large OTAs are taking more and more commission.

Well, here’s  the good news, it’s never been easier to fight back with zero commission direct bookings from your group’s website. A group website can be created for a few nearby properties who want to work together or for bigger groups like a local association or marketing group.

Get together and co-operate to reduce commission.

Key Advantages:

1) Zero commission for all your group’s bookings.

2) Easy to refer phone bookings when you are full, revenue stays local.

3) Professional online booking and mobile site improves the image of your group.

4) Simple to administer, each property handles their own availability, rates and information.

5) It’s your group – you own the website so you can invest in it and grow it.

If you want to start fighting back against all the high commission bills this is a great place to start.

Read about the together group that reached £500,000 in commission free bookings

Case study of Fort William Bed and Breakfast group

Find out more from those already doing it with their “Together” websites.

Video showing how “together” can work for you

Join Together for more zero commission bookings from freetobook on Vimeo.


Together group benefit circle

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2 thoughts on “Group website at zero commission

  1. Hello dears,
    We don’t know how to do. We are working already with bookingsuite, but we would like to be your partner as well, if it is possible of course. If not, please advise how can we be your partners. We are going to do it a long ago. Now our website manages also bookingsuite and if it is necessary, we can make a new website, to show our prices and to have possibility to book our rooms directly.

    1. Yes you should have your own website for direct zero commission bookings otherwise you will lose money on all of your bookings.

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