5 Ways to make your website user-friendly

User friendly websites
User friendly websites

We are always trying to help our customers increase their direct bookings. Although there is not one simple answer to achieving that (i.e. social media marketing works for some properties, whilst others might find special offers increase their website bookings), one key thing that applies to all is having an easily-navigated, user-friendly website. So, here are a few helpful tips

1. Use a simple and readable font for your website. We all love the fancy fonts, but you must remember your font should be web-friendly and easy on the eye.

2. Your “Book Now” button e.g. your Search Availability should be visible on every page of your website without having to scroll down (above the fold).

Visitors should see it without having to look for it i.e. place your Search Availability at the top or the right-hand/left-hand side bar of your Home Page. Remember, your booking button must be on ALL pages of your website and ideally in the same place. Doing this makes it easy to find.

Take a look at how the Coila Guest House do it, it’s in the top menu on all pages and again on the content pages. By all means be creative but also give a consistent structure to help customers find your availability and book.

3. Each click you ask a customer to make reduces your bookings. So don’t hide your “Search Availability” button under your Accommodation or Tariffs menu. Many will leave a website in less than a minute after they have landed on the Home Page because they can’t find what they need. Visitors are looking to check your rates and availability, don’t bury it behind another click.

4. Remember, when you make any changes to your website spend a little time checking that  all your links and buttons are working properly. Why not ask a friend to do a booking and tell you how they found it.

5. If you are active on social media then place your social media icons in a visible place. If you are on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram put a link to those pages on your Home Page at the top to avoid having customers scroll down to search for them. The Auchlea B&B  has their social media buttons well placed on their Home Page.

As you can see these are simple, easy ideas that everyone can try in order to make their websites more booking-friendly. Let us know how they work for you in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “5 Ways to make your website user-friendly

  1. Hi Guys
    My customers are still complaining that the promo code box does not appear on the mobile site. I constantly promote the code to encourage customers to book direct. The option to enter the code is not on the mobile site but the discount code is and this constantly causes problems with people complaining. I have also been accused of false advertising. They have the code but nowhere to enter it.
    For the site to be truly mobile it must offer the same as the desktop site.
    Apologies for constantly bringing this up but it really is vital for smooth and fair bookings.
    How long more before this can be fixed?

    1. Thanks, we have a completely new search results version due for release in the next couple of months and it will fix the promo code issue for mobile.

  2. the translation in spanish of “self catering” is not correct becuase “con cocina” means “with kitchen”
    please change into “solo alojamiento”

    1. Thanks we are going to change all the translations in the new version of the search results should be in the next couple of months.

  3. Helpful tips, will check our website thoroughly. A pity Auchlea have not proof read the spelling of their name on the above photograph.

  4. Thank you for your effort to help people. I have not opened the website to my guest house yet. I will think of it when I work on the page. Thank you again.

  5. Nowadays the importance of website has been increased greatly. Therefore it is very important to make the website user-friendly. The tips given in this article are very crucial. Every web designer should follow these tips.

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