Promo Codes upgraded for more direct bookings

Direct Bookings using Promo Codes
Promo Codes for Direct Bookings

Thousands of properties have already benefited from freetobook’s promo codes so we have made them even better. You can set up as many promo codes as you like to target more customer segments and drive up your direct bookings.

Now with the new upgrades you can also;

1) Restrict the promo codes to apply on certain nights of the week.

2) Create a promo code that’s an extra service or item rather than a rate discount.

3) Set a minimum stay duration for the promo code.

Promo codes are great at encouraging guests to book direct. So why not use them to increase direct bookings and entice bookers away from other online websites, thereby powering more direct commission free bookings.

You will find promo codes and special offers in the Tab “Specials” and “Promo Codes” on the orange bar.

Further information on promo codes

On our website “More Direct bookings with Promo Codes

On our blog “How can hotels use Promo Codes ?

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3 thoughts on “Promo Codes upgraded for more direct bookings

  1. wow the promo code looks great and very flexible now. The only what i wish , if would be possible to put one more variable field like
    BOOKABLE 0-3 DAYS IN ADVANCE then promo code can be used for Last minute bookings to.

  2. This would be the perfect solution.
    Is it possible to set promo code filed inactive just for certain specials. May bee with a joys on every specials . This means if i have an Lastminute discount special it would not be cumulative with the promo code.

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