Google business page – why NOW ?

Google business pages for accommodation owners, claim yours today.

Your accommodation business with a Google business page
Get your Google business page free

A Google business page is a big free internet opportunity for independent accommodation businesses and it’s probably the most important one.

Why? Google uses the information for Google searches and on Google maps. Millions of customers use Google maps everyday and tens of billions of accommodation searches take place on Google every month.

It’s big, it’s free and it gets you seen and it also improves your listing on Google searches. In a related blog we show you how to get your Google business page.

Craigend bed and breakfast on Google business
Craigend Bed and Breakfast Google business page

Still not convinced ?

7 reasons why you need a business page today

1) Get your page before anyone else does

Someone else might register a Google business page in your name. You want to claim what’s yours so get ahead and register it for yourself so you have control over your business page.

2) Get found on Google Maps

Google maps is massive on mobiles and at the top of searches. Millions have downloaded their map app so why not get yourself on the map and catch more potential customers. The vast majority of accommodation businesses will have websites but if you don’t, then a Google business page is even more important.

3) Google make it easy to look great

It’s not just your address and contact details. You can make your page beautiful and ensure you stand out and shine, displaying your best features. Upload your best photos, descriptions and video. Google will make it all look great with their page layout and enhanced street view.

Mobile Google business page
Craigend B&B Mobile Google business page

4) Mobile is key

Google maps is one of the most downloaded mobile phone apps in history and most mobile users make extensive use of these maps on their phone. Your business page ensures you are listed

in the mobile Google map app, next to your neighbours…. who might be ahead of you!

5) Search engine optimisation

It’s a fact, your search engine ranking is improved when you have a Google business page making it easier for customers to find and book you. Your Google business page helps your search engine ranking for various local and generic searches.

6) Use Google Plus to connect with your customers

Get a Google plus account and use it on your business page to share news and engage with customers, tell the world about what you are up to and manage your reputation.

7) Business of the future

It’s expected that Google will soon launch new ways for customers to access accommodation businesses and do bookings. Your business page will be the keystone of your visibility for booking capability in future. It’s easy and quick – so make yourself accessible now, it’s also Mobile, Social and Local…. and yes, it’s FREE!

I would like to get my Google business page show me how.

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12 thoughts on “Google business page – why NOW ?

  1. It’s all moving a bit fast with Tripadvisor Business listings, trip connect, freetobook, google. We just want to get good reviews on a trusted channel (Tripadvisor) and have a one stop shop for reviews and listing and bookings. We are too small to have a whole marketing department, and do not need a scattergun approch with all these different portals to manage. It all gets to unweildy !

    1. Its a good point, I agree it is all quite overwhelming and certainly fast moving. You should not feel forced to do any one thing, take it at your own pace, that said we do think the Google business page is quick, easy and free so if you do want to do one or two things the Google page should be in there. Once you have the Google business page it does not take much management. Ta Craig

  2. Just to let you know. have done a deal with google pages so venues run the risk of also having to pay commission on business they may otherwise have taken commission free ;-(

    1. Yes that is correct, you are talking about the Google HPA system which may well become more open so there could be more channels there soon.

  3. Thank you for this information. When you are on a tight budget it is hard to figure out the best way to market your new venture. Your booking program and tidbits of info has really helped us jump start our business. Thanks again!

  4. We have a google plus page but it only offers direct booking via Is it possible to add a link to our freetobook listing? and if so how?


    Linda Harpham

    1. Yes you can do it by sharing your reviews which have a booking link on them. This is the only way we know to get a booking link onto your page. If you are in freetobook goto TAB “Home” and selecting “Reviews” – you can do it by sharing your review, this also works for facebook and twitter

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