Wearable Internet Booking Engine

Freetobook glasses on the catwalk in Paris.

Check bookings, manage channels, send invoices and emails from your glasses. Freetobook looks at the Internet Booking Engine of the future with this fun one minute video !

Will the future of online booking management look something like this ? Integration with glasses or other wearable technology enables you to manage your bookings on the go.

While it’s slightly tongue-in-cheek we can see the application of wearable technology letting you know how your business is doing.

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9 thoughts on “Wearable Internet Booking Engine

  1. Best I have seen – Freetobook leads the way, where others follow!
    I must have a pair of those specs – tinted if possible!
    Must go now, as I need to order some square eggs (Daily Express exclusive).

    Happy Avril fools jour!

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