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With freetobook you always get a competitive advantage from our cutting edge technology that keeps you in control and fully armed with a variety of tools and services, all created to maximise your bookings, marketing and reputation.

TripAdvisor Review Express
Review Express automated TripAdvisor reviews

Using this new function freetobook gives you the option of connecting TripAdvisor’s automated review request system to your customer’s email address and checkout date. If you opt into this service (in your TripAdvisor account) then TripAdvisor will be given all of your customer’s email addresses along with their checkout dates (future bookings). If you authorise TripAdvisor they will then send out automated review requests after your customer has checked out.

This service is available free of charge to all freetobook customers. It is available to all accommodation properties except those listed as Vacation Rentals by TripAdvisor.

How do I switch on Review Express automatic emails ?

1. Simply login to your TripAdvisor account on TripAdvisor’s website, click on the “Review Express” logo and select the “Send Emails Automatically” TAB (there is no need to contact freetobook).

2. Agree the Review Express conditions and confirm that freetobook is your internet booking engine.

That’s it! This is a do it yourself service and there is no need to contact freetobook.

How does Review Express work ?

If you have agreed the terms on TripAdvisor then freetobook will check all of your future bookings and send the email address and the checkout date for each booking. TripAdvisor will use this data to send automated review request emails to your customers a few days after they have checked out. (note this service is completely optional, no data is sent without your authorisation)

How much does it cost ?

Freetobook makes no charge for this service and TripAdvisor do not charge. It is a do it yourself service, simply opt in by logging into TripAdvisor, no need to contact freetobook.

What freetobook does when you sign up to Review Express.

Review Express example email
Example of an automated review request

Within 24hours of signing up to Review Express the freetobook system will automatically send TripAdvisor the guest email addresses and checkout date for all your future bookings. If a booking is later modified we send TripAdvisor the new data. If a booking is cancelled we let TripAdvisor know not to send an automated review.

TripAdvisor have let us know that if a property later opts out of Review Express they will not send any automated reviews using the data you have given them access to. You opt out from your TripAdvisor account and freetobook will know within 24hours.

Freetobook provides the Review Express service automatically there is no need to contact us as the service is activated using your TripAdvisor account. Like many services offered by freetobook it is free and optional. Freetobook also offer some premium paid for services like Channel Management and Mobile Website and Booking – find out more.

Click here to visit TripAdvisor’s page and find out more about Review Express

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14 thoughts on “Get more TripAdvisor Reviews automatically

  1. Thanks for the information on Review Express, which I intend to use. However, I have a question: We have a number of reviews, for both our properties, on our freetobook entry (which I understand have been sourced using Tripadviser) which do not appear on our Tripadviser entry, or Holiday Lettings entry.
    Is it possible to arrange for this to happen, and if so how? Can you help, please?
    Bill Falconer

    1. Reviews in the freetobook system have been sourced by freetobook automated review system, not via TripAdvisor. The Review Express system is available to soem property types, I think Review Express does not work with Holiday Letting type properties.

  2. Craig,
    Is there any way to switch off the FreetoBook review collection when opting to use “Review Express Automation”, I am not happy for my customers to be receiving 2 requests for a review, 1 from the booking system and the other from TripAdvisor, we could end up receiving neither,…
    We currently display the T/A reviews on our sites and do not intent to use this funtionality from the booking system, so I would be of great benefit to be able to toggle this on or off,….
    Many thanks for a great product!!

    1. Only TripAdvisor reviews can show on their site. We suggest you have some of your own reviews on freetobook where you have full control and also ask some customers to put reviews on TripAdvisor. Many of our customers send a request to their guests after they get a good freetobook feedback asking them to put a review on TripAdvisor the advantage is you keep full control and you only ask the ones which will always give you 5/5

  3. Hello Graig,

    What happens with the email addresses from guests that Freetobook send to TripAdvisor? Does TripAdvisor use it also for their own database to send direct mail to guests?

    I am not sure if all guests will appreciate it that a property owner gives their email address to TripAdvisor. What about the privacy of guests? And don’t you need to ask guests for permission to give their email address to a third party?

    I am glad Freetobook has their own review system. It looks great!

    1. This is a good point, yes I think they will send emails to your customers that book through TripConnect so you need to consider that aspect, you are passing them your customer contact. You may wish for that to remain private with you. Using freetobook you will always have that choice.

  4. I am just trying out the Trip Adviser automatic reviews. How can I switch of the request from my Freetobook system as I don’t want guests to get 2 requests for reviews.


    1. It is not possible to transfer reviews TA do not allow this. You can use review express in the TA system to connect with freetobook and this will trigger a request for a TA from your customers in freetobook.

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