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Freetobook is proud to have been awarded Preferred IT Provider status with preferred IT provider preferred IT provider

Great Technology doesn’t just happen ! Its also rather difficult to describe but when you see it, when you use it, you just know its good. At freetobook we take considerable pride in our work and our booking system solutions are renowned for their time saving functionality and their ease of use.

Along the way we work with many technology companies and there is none more switched on to the internet and the way online booking should work than This is why they sell more than 500,000 room nights every 24 hours and work with over 368,000 properties in 190 countries.

From our experience most of the worlds accommodation owners are looking for ways to get more connected and enjoy more distribution, at freetobook we get this message and so does

In business great companies will seek each other out to work together, we enjoy working with the best in the booking world and are also very proud to have it recognised in the preferred IT provider status awarded by

Find out more about the freetobook channel Manager which includes a connection with

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2 thoughts on “ Preferred IT Provider

  1. We are looking for a booking system to replace qbooks3 from queensborough group which we have been using since April 2013.
    Whilst we are happy with most of the features of qbooks there are some critical problems we currently have which I hope you can resolve.
    !: Late rooms and channel integration, LR not offered by QBooks which we need to minimise overbooking, treated very harshly by see you offer both.
    2: We need two types of access one for full access back office use and a second “lite” view only access via different password for front of house staff to view arrivals to rooms (this without price details etc). This cannot be provided by Qbooks and means a lot of manual listing and updates .

    Our website has the widgets offered by qbooks which seem to work well and I hope you have similar offerings. We have a pitiful integrated facebook page which we will be working on shortly.
    Our bookings are split approx. 30% website, 50% and 20% laterooms, we currently have 8 apartments and a house.

    I look forward to hearing from you


    Chris Bird
    Goodramgate Apartments

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