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TripAdvisor Tips
TripAdvisor Tips

You can stumble across myriad views and opinions about TripAdvisor but here is a blog based on on a recent article directly from TripAdvisor.


There is a difference between “TripAdvisor rating” and “TripAdvisor ranking”

Your “TripAdvisor rating” is based on reviews this rating is 1-5 with 5 being the highest. Your “TripAdvisor ranking” is formed from your rating when compared with other nearby properties.

Tips from TripAdvisor

1) How to increase your TripAdvisor ranking ?

TripAdvisor says “The better your ratings – and the more recent your reviews – the higher your property’s TripAdvisor ranking can potentially go.”

They are not giving away the exact method or algorithm of ranking (you can’t expect them to) however it is clear that you should get more reviews and make sure they are good reviews to rise up the rankings.

2) Embrace and respond to negative reviews

Don’t ignore or hide away from negative reviews. Research shows “84% of users agree that an appropriate management response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel”

It is a good policy to respond to reviews (in an appropriate manner) as it shows that you value feedback and that you are trying to provide the best possible experience.

3) Do NOT offer incentives for reviews

TripAdvisor says “Incentives, like offering vouchers or upgrades in exchange for writing a review, actually violate TripAdvisor rules because special treatment or discounts can hinder the validity and accuracy of a guest’s reviews”

They will remove reviews they think have received an incented and penalties can be imposed on the ranking as well as not being eligible for their awards.

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips from TripAdvisor

  1. I think it is also important to mention that if you are NOT signed up to one of TA’s partnered OTA’s, it won’t matter a jot how good your ranking or rating is, as you will be relegated below ALL the other businesses that are signed up, even if you are ranked Number 1 and have a Business Listing with TA. This occurs when dates are entered in the search field.

    This hardly makes Trip Advisor impartial does it?

    1. I’m with Russell on that point. Also if you are in an area with lots of other accommodation providers with a similar quality offering, the only way you can climb the ranking is waiting for others to fail. It’s a strange situation where you can be penalised for a ‘very good’ score!

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