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As freetobook continues to evolve, a growing network of properties are discovering the benefits of being able to display live rates and availability on their websites and thus get increased bookings. Their satisfaction with freetobook is reflected in the feedback we receive from them. Only last week, Natasha Riley from the Springfield Hotel in Blackpool wrote:

“What a great piece of Software! I am not very technically minded when it comes to new software, but freetobook is so user friendly that you cannot go wrong. The video tutorials are informative and the technical support is by far the best I have ever experienced. Our guests have also commented how easy, fast and efficient the system is to book rooms.”

We are constantly adding new functionality to make the system even better (e.g. the new three colour calendar), so now is the ideal time to sign up and gain new business. Remember, bookings made on your website with freetobook software are absolutely commission-free.