TripAdvisor lower commission

Booking by TripAdvisor

Booking by TripAdvisor

At 12% TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking connection has a lower commission than big online travel agents. Is it time you looked into how to get your share ?

Why not start by checking out your own listing on TripAdvisor to see how they promote the booking links. You can’t fail to notice that visitors are asked for dates of stay and encouraged to search and book.

The connection to TripAdvisor through your freetobook diary is free (you do have to pay TripAdvisor).

6 Advantages to TripAdvisor Instant Booking

1) Lower commission, from 12%
2) You only pay commission on completed bookings
3) No upfront costs, no signup costs, no fees from freetobook
4) You receive all of the customer’s direct details, including email address
5) Simple to do, just login to TripAdvisor and connect
6) You don’t need a Business Listing to get these TripAdvisor bookings

The connection simple, just activate it in your TripAdvisor account to enable direct bookings on your TripAdvisor page. If you already have a freetobook account you don’t even need to contact us.

Most of freetobook’s benefits are free with a few optional charged services, find a complete list of our charges on our pricing page, what does freetobook cost ?

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23 Responses to TripAdvisor lower commission

  1. Tengiz says:

    Мы заинтересованы в этом.

  2. Melanie Hart says:

    Thanks guys. As always you’re on the button, never missing a good opportunity. I’m grateful for the excellent service you provide.

  3. Hi,
    I have a tripadvisor page (Établissement 4236864 sur TripAdvisor) and I would like to know how to get into this 12% booking program ?


  4. Jane Beare says:

    Is it correct that you can’t block off dates as you can with

  5. My B&B has been connected to freetobook Trip-connect facility for more than one year but i have never received not even one booking through this system. what is the real problem. you have now introduced 12% commission Tripconnect facility please assist with the procedure to connect.

    • craig says:

      You must contact TripAdvisor for connection, there are thousands of properties connected via freetobook but it is TripAdvisor who is in charge of connecting.

  6. Trevor Silvester says:

    I am confused about the 12% and 15% options. Please clarify the difference and benefits. Thanks.

  7. Samo Valič says:

    Is this TripAdvisor Instant booking with FreeToBook active already in SLOVENIA ??

    • craig says:

      Yes it is active for properties all over the world but where it shows depend where the customer comes from. So it might not show if you are looking at it in Slovenia but it will show if I am looking at it here in the UK. This is controlled by TripAdvisor.

  8. I read on you website “12% Commission
    You will get one quarter of all “Book on TripAdvisor” traveller views” does this mean that only 1 out of 4 people that want to book a room in our area is shown our B&B via the tripconnact formule and the other 3 times it is only shown our availability on agoda etc etc?

    • craig says:

      If you check again are read carefully you will see it is a MINIMUM of 25% traveler views, if you are paying 12% commission we think you will get much better than that because we are sure that the others you mention are not paying as much as 12% !!!

  9. We have had a major problem with Trip Adviser . We have raised it on numerous occassions with them and ,so far, have got not resolution. Maybe if they realise they are loosing out on potential Trip Connect commission, via the Freetobook link then maybe they might take notice if you raise it with them.

    We operate a property with 5 holiday apartments. This is listed on trip adviser under “Specialist Accommodation”. When anyone does a search for available accommodation on TripAdviser the system offers hotels and then B&Bs. It does not list specialist accommodation even if there is available capacity at these properties. This is the same for all properties which Trip Adviser list as specialist accommodation

  10. Linda McKay says:

    Yes I would like to take advantage of this offer
    However I appear have lost my log in details for trip advisor


  11. Steven King says:


    I also have holiday apartments but have to list them with a specialist part of TripAdvisor called Vacation Rentals. This is available via Holiday Lettings or Flip Key. There is a yearly listing fee or you can pay per booking.

    Hope this helps!

    Steve King
    Brixham Holiday Homes

    • craig says:

      If you are using flipkey or holiday lettings we cannot connect you to the lower 12% commission model. This is forbidden by TripAdvisor.

  12. I have a tripadvisor page and business account (although i think i am cancelling the business account next year. I do tripadvisor ‘tripconnect cost-per-click’ at present. Do you think it is better to go via the ‘low commission’ or the ‘cost-per-click’? Many thanks and great work as always

  13. John says:

    Can you select which regions your ‘Direct Bookings’ do and don’t appear? By country? By state? By city? You can only choose by country with ‘Click Connect’.

    • craig says:

      Interesting question I don’t know what options there are for targetting regions in the TripAdvisor system. Next time we meet I will check with them, perhaps ask them also.

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