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Isn’t it great to get fantastic reviews! You work so hard looking after your customers, naturally they give you fabulous feedback that influences potential future guests. To find your reviews in freetobook simply go to your “Home” TAB and select “Reviews”.

Share your great reviews with the world. Freetobook is about to release a new review sharing system so you can get your reviews out there and read by potential guests.

Sharing reviews is easy with :

  • a simple to install review widget for your website, available in a variety of formats and the ability to resize and customise colours
  • freetobook’s new “click here to share” a review instantly on facebook and twitter.
  • linked to your booking system for instant direct bookings.
Review sharing widget for hotels

Review sharing widget various sizes

It gets better…each review widget will give guests instant access to your freetobook reviews and link them directly to your booking system, making it easy for impressed customers to make a direct commission free booking there and then.

Keep an eye open for the launch of the new review sharing system… another great idea from freetobook giving you more for less. As soon as the review sharing system is available you will find it in the same place as your current reviews – go to your “Home” TAB and select “Reviews”.

Social Media review sharing for hotels

Social Media review sharing

We expect to launch the new review sharing system before Christmas 2013 so it won’t be long before you can show off all your best reviews across your website and social media platforms.

In the spirit of sharing please feel free to tell others about your experience of freetobook the internet booking engine with more for less.

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7 Responses to Share your reviews online

  1. This is a great idea and anything which helps to drive direct bookings rather than channel bookings is a good thing.

  2. Hi, congratulations on more great work FTB. I wondered if the reviews that will be shared will be just those that we’ve ‘published’ or will they be all of the reviews from our website?

    I have to admit, I did like the fact that some could be hidden away, particularly when someone gave a glowing review in words, then must have forgotten to click the numerical rating and gave everything a ‘One” Pity I couldnt publish it for that reason!

    • craig says:

      It will be only the reviews you choose to publish. They are your reviews and you are in control of them. Sorry about the one that got away, there is always someone that doesn’t read the text, thankfully very rare.

  3. Another brilliant service from the friendly team at FreetoBook.

  4. Alastair says:

    We have great reviews but they are from airbnb guests.
    Wish we could show or list these. Also tripadvisor likes the guest to reg Facebook and as a lot of our guests are from China they don’t have facebook.
    So we have 5 stars and good reviews but only airbnb see them

    • craig says:

      On the freetobook system you can get your own reviews which you have control of and then you can put them on your website, facebook, twitter. Share your reviews with full control.

  5. When I share a good review to facebook shares it to my personal facebook page. I would like to share it to my facebook business page for my resort. Is it possible to share the good review to my business facebook page?

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