TripAdvisor for business

TripAdvisor for Business

TripAdvisor and freetobook provide a range of services to help accommodation businesses maximise their bookings

3 thoughts on “TripAdvisor for business

  1. Thank you for choosing The Sea Samui, for your recent stay in Samui.

    We’d be grateful if you would review us on TripAdvisor. It’s the world’s largest travel site, helping millions of visitors every month plan the perfect trip.

    Our guests often tell us how helpful it is to read past guests’s reviews before booking their own visits. And we’re always eager to hear what you like and how we can improve our services.

    Thanks again and we hope you’ll choose The Sea Samui, for the next trip you’re visit Samui.

    1. I like the way you ask guests to review. If you send the email to them it means you have full control over who you ask. Many properties have used the freetobook reviews as a basis for deciding who to ask for a TripAdvisor review. When they get a great review on freetobook they send an email similar to the one The Sea Samui has outlined above. There are some great success stories with this strategy.

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