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Customer Service: by phone and email

How to please your customers again and again with superb email and phone service. Some easy “to do” tips that make a difference. Continue reading

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Save money on credit card handling charges.

A few tips and tricks on how to deal with the banks and get your credit card handling charges reduced. You may need to negotiate a bit, but it’s a lot easier when you’re armed with some facts about rates and calculations. Continue reading

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Booking buttons for all occasions

All about booking buttons that work on your website, in an email, on Twitter/Facebook, in your blog and just about anywhere you can put one. Freetobook booking buttons take customers to your availability and your website. Continue reading

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Upgrading your website ? Here are a few tips.

Some informal tips and ideas to help you upgrade your website and make it nice and shiny for the summer. Continue reading

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How to handle complaints

Nobody likes getting a complaint and they are rare, but when they happen here are a couple of tips about how to handle them. Continue reading

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